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Unlimited Gather Events

Your ministry group leaders can publish as many Gather events as they'd  like for the parish community or groups and organize them into categories for easy navigation. Every Gather posted appears on the Parish Community calendar, the Group's calendar and on the Gather events email digest.

Start-End dates and times and multi day events.

Your Gather events can have specific day start and end times, be ‘all day’ or even multiple days.

Publish date

Use the Publish Date to add Gather events today with a future publish date so that they appear on the calendar when appropriate. This makes it easier to add a full calendar without having to come back monthly to add more.

Recurring events

Easily add daily, weekly, or monthly recurring Gather events with the ability to edit each Gather details individually to add more information.

See who's coming and who's not.


Social view of Gather attendance.

Generate interest and encourage fellowship by displaying attendance. Activity encourages more activity and engagment. Help to generate a buzz of fellowship by showing who's coming, who's not and who's a maybe.

Share a Document and Links to Events


Need to share a document, or more information

Members can download a flyer, permission form or anything and you can share a link to an outside website for more information about an event.

Instant contact to Group Leaders

Contact Author

Contact Author link

Have a question about a post or need more info about a Gather event? Any Members can directly message the blog post author or event post author directly from a link on the post. Just click the Contact Author link and a popup message dialog box will appear. Add the message and click send. The author will immediately receive an email message.

Gather Event Moderation Process


Gather Event Moderation

All Gather Event posts to the community can optionally be sent through an approval Event Moderation workflow. Moderators have full editorial rights to edit, approve or reject a post before it's published to the community. Moderators recieve a notification email from the community that a new Gather Event is awaiting approval.

Event Comment Moderation

Gather Event comments can also can optionally be set to first flow to a community Moderator before being published and Moderators can edit the comment before publishing. Moderation can be turned on and off by the Site Master administrator.

Easily Get Everyone There.


Add Google Map Directions to Any Gather Event

Not every Gathering event is at the church so Group Leaders can easily add a Google map with click through to driving directions for any event they create. It's as easy to add as just entering the address.

Connect through Discussion and Feedback.

Members join in the discussion.

Easily get feedback or input on you church Gathering through member comments. No need to craft an email, just post a question or comment and quickly get replies. Members can show their event support through comments too. Comment moderation before posting can also be optionally activiated.


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