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Prayer Centered Fellowship

Post Unlimited Prayer Requests.

Prayer Requests

Real Life Fellowship Centered on Prayer.

Members can post prayer requests to the church community. and members can add prayerful words of encouragement and support. Each petition is automatically added to the community activity feed and is added to the prayer chain email. Petitions can optionally be reviewed by a Moderator before publication.

Encourage Prayerful Church Engagement

Petition Views

Petition Views

Members can see how many at the church are praying for them based on the number of petiion views.

Petition Comments

The number of petition comments also helps encourage more engagement through the power of shared prayer.

Organized and Categorized Prayer Topics.

Prayer Intentions

Easily find and organize prayer requests by topic.

Help get your church praying for one another Every prayer request is organized by topic and with tags to relate to other petitions. Each prayer request is automatically attributed to the member and to the members ministry group. Ministries can easily see the prayer requests of other members.

Prayerful Support to Petitions

Petition Comment

Members add support to petitions

Your community members can support each other with prayerful comments on petitions.

Comment Moderation

Comments can optionally be sent through a Moderator role before publishing. Moderators have full editorial rights on each comment.

Petition Moderation Process


Prayer Petition Moderation

All posts to the community can optionally be sent through a content Moderation workflow. Moderators have full editorial rights to edit, approve or reject a post before it's published to the community. 

Prayer Support Moderation

Prayer Request words of encouragement also can optionally be set to first flow to a community Moderator before being published. Moderation can be turned on and off by the Site Master administrator.

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