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Powerful Ministry Groups

Build community through timely, relevant Group communication.

Member Communication

Member Profiles Each community user must register and complete a profile to gain access to the community. You control membership in your own community. Administrators can grant privileges to allow members to view, post, reply, comment and other activities. All contributions to the community are attributed to the member. You'll knows who's active and what they're contributing.

Group Communication

Share with the Ministry and Prayer Groups or the Community. Create groups that align with all your existing Ministry and Prayer Groups. Parishioners can join these online community groups and participate in online discussions and prayer sharing. Leaders can create blog posts to the group and Gather Events for the group.

Group Pages

Subsites for your Ministry Groups Create group pages for each of your existing Ministry and Prayer Groups. Each group can create its own Gathering events calendar, prayer requests, leader blog and photo gallery.


Words of Encouragement. Community members can add words and prayers of encouragement to support online prayer requests to the community. These comments can be sent through an approval moderator first before publication.


Publish Blogs Publish blogs from your pastor, parish leaders or ministry group leaders. Blog posts are added to the weekly email newsletter to all the subscribed members.

Autogenerated Email Newsletters

Automatic post to email newsletter generation. Prayer requests and gathering events posted to the online community automatically generate, daily, weekly or monthly Gathering Events and Prayer Request newsletters. Parishioner community members can subscribe to receive these newsletters.

Connect through the Group Member Directory

Member Directory

Find Other Church Members and Connect.

Group Members each have a profile in the Group Directory and each member can control visibility of their member info to the commmunity. Each can share as much or as little as they want. Members can Friend with each other or Follow to create more private communication groups.

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