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Features of our free online community platform for churches.

Prayer Sharing

Share Prayer

Share Unlimited Prayer Requests

Every member can post unlimited prayer requests to the church community organized by topics and tags. Members can reply with prayerful words of encouragement through unlimited comments. Prayer requests and encouraging words are all moderated by a designated leader.

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Gather Events

Post Unlimited Gather Events

Group and church leaders can post unlimited Gathers to the group calendar and church calendar all organized by topics and tags. A social view of who’s coming to each Gather encourages engagement. A Gather Event moderation workflow ensures the whole parish is coordinated.

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Share Prayer

Ministry Groups

Ministry Groups

All your Ministries in One Place

Create groups that align with all your existing real-life ministry and prayer groups. Church members can join these online versions of your ministry groups and participate in prayer sharing, discussions and event communications.

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Automate your church community

Many hands make light work, but automation makes it even lighter. Automation around Gather event posts, invites to members, reminders about upcoming events and even event attendance all supercharge the fellowship in your church. Automatic post-to-email and post-to-social networks like Facebook and Twitter makes your community a hub of communication.

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Better Communication, More Relevance

Your church is doing so many good things for the community. Make sure everyone knows and is encouraged to participate through member to member fellowship. Members can direct message with one another and receive notifications when members post content like prayer requests, events and encouraging comments. The activity feed displays new posts on the community.

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Build a private online community for every parishioner with these membership features.


Site Membership Each community user must enroll to gain access and you control membership in your own community. Administrators can grant permissions to allow members to view, post, reply, comment and other activities.


Member Profiles Each member of your online community has their own profile. All activities (posts, replies, comments) in the online community are attributed to the member. You'll know who's active, who's contributing and what they are saying.


Multi-level Member Roles Certain parishioner members can be granted Leader Role, or Moderator Role that allow them the ability to make specific contributions to the online community like posting events, publishing blogs and replying to prayer requests. Now, all of the community content doesn't have to funnel through one overloaded parish office admin or church webmaster.

Ready to get started?


Start building your private online community for your parish today. Upgrade to more features at any time as your community grows.

Built for God, Not for Profit

Faith Based Nonprofit.

We are a Christian faith based non-profit. We're building this online community platform for God, not for profit. Your use of the platform is supporting our work to grow real Christian community, not to make shareholders rich.


5 Percent to Charity In addition to our nonprofit structure we are committed to 5 cents from every revenue dollar going directly to charities serving the poor. And we're committed to growing this to 10% over the next 5 years.

Supercharge your community with these great add-ons to your paid level plan.

Sell Tickets

You can sell tickets. Not only can parish community members respond to events that they are attending you can also sell tickets directly through the community.

Receive Donations

Donations Accepted Receive donations for your church or organization through your Paypal Charity account directly on your community page.

Our platform includes all the usual features you've come to expect from a typical church website hosting company, plus so much more for building your church online community.

Mobile Ready

Responsive design, ready for any device. Our site themes are designed to be responsive to any device size. You'll reach your parishioners no matter how they access your online faith community.

Easy Content Editing

Click and type editing Industry leading content management system. If you're skilled enough to get online, you're skilled enough to add or update content on your online community site. And more advanced administrators can easily include HTML markup.

Cloud Hosting

Industry leading cloud hosting. Your site is hosted on our industry leading cloud storage network. There is nothing else you need to get started.

Branded URL

Customized URL Your community will be hosted at an easy to remember branded URL web address that includes your church name and postal code. (eg. ourprayercenter.com\churchname-postalcode)


Online support and knowledge base. We've partnered with Zendesk, the leading online support provider, so we're ready to help whenever you need it. Visit our Support Portal for online tutorials and guides to help grow your online faith community.

Daily Backup

Daily Backup Daily backups ensure worry free performance.

It's easy to get started.

Start today. Upgrade at any time.

Upcoming new features in development for this year.

Event RSVPs

Response to Events Community members can respond to Gathering Event posts. You'll know just how many to expect and replies will encourage others to attend.


Maps to Events Easily add Google maps to gathering event locations to help your parishioners find their way.


Share to your other church sites or social media Share posts for Events to your other social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook or Google+

Photo Galleries

Share Photo Galleries Parish Groups can share photo galleries of their events and other activities.

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