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Our Culture


Our organization is committed to building a self-sustaining, nonprofit business to help Christian churches engage their offline community through online technology. We operate in a transparent and equitable way for the benefit of our church communities.


We succeed when our communities succeed. We provide the knowledge, skills, and technical ability for our customers to successfully build their church community. We are a partner in their success.

Customer Focus

We ask for input and feedback to develop and refine our services. We deliver what our customers want and need.


We are community centered. We build our community of customers through our own community building with them.

Becoming Our Best

We strive to be 1% better today than yesterday in everything we are and we do. We work everyday on becoming the best version of ourselves and our business.

We built our business model to provide a free online community site to every Christian church, everywhere. We offer valuable premium services also to make money to support the platform and make this possible. Our non-profit structure and charitable give back commitment mean we are focused on faith building, not shareholder wealth building.


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